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Egypt Citizenship By Investment 2024

As of September of 2023, buying ANY property with a value of $300,000 or more can qualify you for Egyptian Citizenship By Investment.

Launched in 2020, Egypt’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program is one of the youngest in the world. Offering four invest options – and a reduced property investment option, as of March 2023 – the program has already proved to be popular amongst applicants from Russia, China and the Middle East.

The liberalization of Egypt’s Citizenship By Investment rules – which now allows you to buy ANY property worth $300,000+, anywhere in Egypt, to gain citizenship – has also seen the country “discovered” by Britons, Americans and Canadians seeking to secure a Plan B option outside their home countries.

And since the Egyptian government reduced the minimum real estate investment requirement from $500,000 to just $300,000, the Egyptian CBI program can now viably compete against the Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program.

(In Turkey, the minimum real estate investment requirement for 2024 is $400,000.)

An increasing number of affluent foreigners are therefore considering the Red Sea as a second home destination for work, play and relaxation.

And this makes sense:

When it comes to real estate, Egypt offers exceptional value for money – even for up-market properties located in its most exclusive resorts and suburbs.

Plus, thanks to the Egyptian Citizenship By Investment program, which offers application processing within 6-9 months, foreign nationals can now combine buying a property and obtaining second citizenship from a stable country in well under a year.

Egypt Citizenship By Investment Options (2024)


Non-Refundable Government Donation


Real Estate

$350,000 + $100,000

Company Setup +
Government Donation


Local Bank Deposit
Refunded In Egyptian pounds

Egyptian Citizenship By Investment Benefits

A Value-For-Money Plan B

Obtain a high-quality second home on the sought after Red Sea Riviera, and gain a second citizenship and passport in just 6-9 months.

US E-2 Visa Eligibility

Egypt is an E-2 Treaty signatory country, which means that Egyptian citizens can apply for an American E-2 Visa after 3 years of residency.

Enjoy Visa-Free Travel

Egyptian passport holders enjoy visa-free travel access to countries like Jordan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria.

Exceptionally Central Location

Fly from Cairo to most of the capital cities in Europe and London in under 5 hours, Moscow in under 6 hours, and Tehran in just over 7 hours.

Free Education & Healthcare Access

Healthcare services are provided free of charge to Egyptian citizens, and primary, secondary and university tuition are all free, too.

No Cultural Or Language Exams

There are no cultural or language proficiency requirements or testing in order to obtain Egyptian Citizenship By Investment.

International Trade Memberships

Egypt is a member of the World Trade Organization, as well as the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Family Members Eligible

Children under the age of 21 obtain Egyptian Citizenship By Investment with the main applicant, and their spouse 2 years later.

Attractive Tax Benefits

Egypt is home to 9 Free Trade Zones, where companies incorporated there pay 0% corporate income tax.

Own The Red Sea Riviera Lifestyle

Upmarket El Gouna is internationally renowned for its kiteboarding, and the Red Sea is increasingly sought after by the world’s rich and famous.

An Excellent Geo-Political Hedge Option

Egypt is one of the founding members of the Non-Aligned Movement, and the country enjoys amicable relations with its neighbors. It’s not been involved in any conflicts for around 50 years.

Russians Nationals
Eligible To Apply

Unlike in most other CBI countries (apart from Turkey and Grenada), Russians and Belarus citizens are eligible to apply for Egyptian Citizenship By Investment.

What is the price for an Egyptian passport by investment in 2024?2023-11-21T07:52:32+00:00

Technically, one cannot “buy” a passport in Egypt (or anywhere else, for that matter). You can, however, acquire an Egyptian citizenship by making a significant investment in Egypt. This, in turn, makes you eligible to apply for an Egyptian passport.

Going into 2024, the Egyptian Citizenship By Investment program offers the following investment options to qualify for citizenship (and a passport):

  1. GOVERNMENT DONATION: A non-refundable government donation of $250,000;
  2. REAL ESTATE: Acquiring ANY property in Egypt (including in Cairo and on the Red Sea) for $300,000, and hold it for at least five years;
  3. COMPANY INVESTMENT: Investing at least $350,000 in an Egyptian company (new OR established), and making a $100,000 government donation;
  4. BANK DEPOSIT: Deposit $500,000 into an Egyptian bank account for a minimum period of three years.

An additional $10,000 government processing fee applies to all of these options, and you’re looking at an additional $10,000 – $15,000 in professional service fees, depending on the make-up of your family.

Contact us for more information on the cost of Egyptian Citizenship By Investment in 2024.

What are the key program requirements?

A qualifying investment or donation (priced from $250K)

Documentary proof of legality of source of funds

Clean criminal record in country of origin (or residence)

Undergo a comprehensive medical examination

The Application Process At A Glance

Why Choose Us?

The Egyptian Citizenship
Program Experts

As one of the very first promoters of the Egyptian Citizenship By Investment program, our program insights and experience surpass that of most of our competitors.

A Full-Service Offering,
Start To Finish

Our CBI experts will guide you through every aspect of the process, from acquiring a file number from the Egyptian CIU, to acquiring a property and perfecting your application.

A 100% Client Success Rate
To Date

Whilst Egypt’s CBI program is still relatively new, we have already successfully processed numerous applications – including those of four American families and several Russian nationals.

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